For many years PCDP UK has partnered with PCDP in the Sindh Province of Pakistan to promote and facilitate community development in the areas of civil rights, gender equity, children’s education, adult literacy, training midwives, health workers and vets, and providing other vocational skills training for young people.

The severe flooding in 2022 caused devastation for the Parkari community who are primarily peasant farmers working as share croppers for local landowners. PCDP, with help from PCDP UK and others, was able to offer immediate aid in terms of food and rations.

Now the biggest need is to strengthen the resilience of the community by ensuring that the gains made in previous years in promoting community development, cohesion and mutual support are not lost. So PCDP UK together with PCDP in Pakistan are launching a 3 year project of Training and Empowerment. This will include running courses to train 45 young men in motorbike repair and providing them with not only the skills but also a kit with all the basic tools they need to start their own business. This will enable them not only to support themselves and their extended family but also to provide employment and on-the-job training for the next generation. For the significance of this training, watch this video about the impact of PCDP’s motorbike repair course.

In addition, through strengthening an already established network of over 260 villages, PCDP will be able to support the existing village-based development in primary education, adult literacy, sewing and tailoring, and community health care, and promote mutual support at all levels of the community. This will empower the Parkari community to earn their own living, claim their civil rights, live in peace and harmony, and have the health and resilience to cope with the perennial problems of flood and famine, which climate change has exacerbated in recent years.

All donations to PCDP UK will be transferred in full to PCDP, our local Parkari partner organization, and will be used to provide skills training, maintain existing development activities within the community and actively promote community cohesion and resilience.

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