PCDP opened a school in Sankar village in the desert area.

At first only boys were sent to school. All the parents wanted to send their sons to school, because they thought that, after finishing their education, their sons would be able to find jobs and so could help their families.

Not one of these parents considered giving their daughters the opportunity of receiving an education.

Despite this, Pooni, age 6 years, came with her father to be admitted into school. The other villagers were astonished to see that a girl had come to school. Pooni said in a trembling voice that she wanted to get an education. At this time she was the only girl at school among all the boys.

When Pooni successfully completed class 4, all the villagers were amazed at her progress and said, “Why shouldn’t we send our girls to school?”

As a result of Pooni’s educational progress, the villagers now send 30 girls to school, because the community has learnt from Pooni that it is not only boys who can perform well educationally, but girls too.

What about Pooni and the future?

She wants to become a teacher in her village school so that she can teach as many girls as possible.