PCDP runs vocational skills courses for Parkari young men and women in its own purpose-built Technical Centre.

35 students are already attending the first Motorcycle Repair Course, which started on 1st June.  Some students are local and travel in each day. The others come from distant villages.

PCDP can accommodate 30 students from rural areas in their new Student Village - built in 2015 with funding from PCDP UK - whilst they take the Motorcycle Repair course.

But there are no beds for the students!


PCDP needs 30 metal folding beds for students who are attending the Motorcycle Repair course.

Currently students have to sleep on the floor, and still try to be alert to learn effectively the next day.

The cost of one metal folding bed is £20.

£600 will provide beds for all the students in the Motorcycle Repair course.

Later this year, PCDP plans to run two courses at the same time, Motorcycle Repair and Mobile Phone Repair. This would require a further £600 to provide folding beds for another 30 students.


Please help, if you can, to provide these beds so that more young Parkaris from remote rural areas can attend these courses, and gain a livelihood which is of benefit to their whole community.


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